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Local Schools

• Plum City High School
   (715) 647-2591

• Plum City Elementary School
   (715) 647-2911

• Ave Maria Academy
   (715) 647-4630

Local Churches

• St. Johns Catholic Church
   Father Paul G. Czerwonka
   (715) 647-2301

• Evangelical Free Church
   Pastor Philip Bloomdahl
   (715) 647-4301

• Immanuel Lutheran Church
   Pastor Daniel Pfaffe
   (715) 647-2555

• United Methodist Church
   Pastor Shannon Mattison
   (715) 647-2101

• St. Sophia Church
   Pastor Wally Zich
   (715) 442-2519

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Plum City History





Plum City became known as “A small village in a peaceful valley” a long time ago. The name Plum City was derived from the vast array of plum trees that lined Plum Creek and surrounding valleys. Settled in 1857 by French and American Indian fur traders, Plum City was laid out and platted in the
same year by Frank Moser and Stephen K. Gates. The village of Plum City was incorporated in 1909 and has grown to become a vibrant, thriving community. It is the commitment of its residents that makes Plum City so inviting.

The central focus of the town has been its trout pond. Early pioneers were unanimous in their opinions that the pond was excavated, built, maintained and stocked with brook trout by the hands of the early French traders and voyagers. The next time you are feeding the fish, look deep into the pond
and envision the pioneers hard at work.

Plum City has a school system that is second to none. The dedication of teachers, administrators, and school board members keeps it at the top, providing education for children K-12. Plum city also delivers athletic programs for both boys and girls. Known as the Plum City Blue Devils, they have gained recognition around the state.

Plum City also offers the Ave. Maria Academy for more of a religious based background for education.The Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2007. The school is under the direction of Tammy Ormson and offers classes starting at the preschool level and continuing through grade 8. You can contact Dan and Mary Wieser for information.

Plum City is a community to explore. From day trips to a lifetime of fulfillment, Plum City and its surrounding landscapes offer a beautiful, serene environment for wholesome living. We invite you to visit!



We have one of the finest elderly retreats in the state right here in Plum City. Some of our most knowledgeable and seasoned residents can be found here. The care center has a full week of events for its residents. Go to the “Calendar Of Events” page for Care Center events information or just  stop in and say hello.  *Everyone Welcome*.


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